Sunday, May 17, 2009

Progress Report

I am very satisfied with the amount of progress I have made. Here is what I have done and what I have left to do.

(1) I have one of three of the fish filters connected to a relay.
(2) One side of the tank is built. I had a few problems epoxying everything together because the epoxy got everywhere (on the polycarbonate, on our hands), but I did find out that vinegar really does help in getting it off.

(1) I am able to get the temperature from yahoo weather in processing.
(2) I am able to send information from processing to arduino and then to the fish filters. I can control the amount of air that is released from the fish filter.

What is left?
(1) I need to epoxy the rest of the tank and then put silicone around all edges so no water can get out. I also need to drill three holes into the bottom panel of the tank.
(2) I need to connect all of the filters to a relay and connect all three of the filters to the tank.
(3) Send the weather through processing to arduino and to the filters. All I really have to do here is make sure it sends the correct numbers to arduino and there is some kind of conversion/proportion of the temperature to the amount of air released

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