Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dance Generation

This movie titled "Dance Generation" was developed from the question of what I would surrender my life to or from. I decided I would surrender my life to dancing.

Rolling Stone: The Fortieth Anniversary

So the Fortieth Anniversary edition of Rolling Stone came out and there are a lot of great articles about people who had a significant impact on 60's culture. I wanted to share some quotes and exerpts that I found interesting. What do you think about what these icons have to say?

-In an interview w/ Bob Dylan
Q. It [global warming] seems a pretty frightening outlook.
A. We expect politicians to solve all our problems. I don't expect politicians to solve anybody's problems.
Q. Who is going to solve them?
A. Our own selves. We've got to take the world by the horns and solve our own problems. The world owes us nothing, each and every one of us, the world owes us not one single thing. Politicians or whoever.

-In an interview w/ Steven Spielberg
Q. So are you optimistic about what the future holds in this new digital world?
A. Yeah, I am. Look, we've becomes a fastfood nation, and that includes how we get our entertainment. Kids are happy to spend four hours bloggine and e-mailing each other. As opposed to my generation, who used to spend that same number of hours sitting in a movie theater. Kids are already telling us what they want. They want variety. they want a big-screen movie, but they also want YouTube videos downloadable on a hand-held device. They basically are saying, "We can multitask." They are saying, "You, Spielberg, are an old fogey, you and Lucas and Coppola and Scorsese. You guys can't multitask, but we can, so we demand a wide berth to be able to receive our entertainment. Lon't limit us to just one form, because we are a different generation. We are not you."

- There was an article titled "40 Songs That Changed The World". Here are some of the song on the list that I found interesting.

#2 "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles
Why the world needed it: Too many church-trained singers were singing about what they were doing Sunday morning instead of who they'd been doing Saturday night.

#10 "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan
Why the world needed it: Pissed-off hipsters craved a song that would encapsulate their rage at everyone else.
Why it matters: It's unrelenting, eloquent, venom-spitting loathing, it's got a visceral shock of newness when you first encounter it, and its meaning deepens and grows more complicated with time.

#11 "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles
Why the world needed it: Somebody had to explain what drugs were like in a non-boring way.
With out this song, no: Pink Floyd, Shins, psychedelia, patchouli.

#14 "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix
Why the world needed it: The electric guitar demanded a Picasso of its own.

There are many more articles in the magazine and I will definately add more once I finish reading them. But I recommend getting yourself a copy to see for yourself!