Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspiration for Final Project

Inspiration TreeTime by Bruce Cannon http://electronicsculpture.brucecannon.org/sculptures/treetime/treetime.htm “This ‘improved’ tree has six large articulated joints fabricated from copper and brass, moved by cables pulled by gearmotors at the tree's base. In addition, there are sixteen small motorized branchlets.” I absolutely feel in love with this sculpture the first time I saw it. It really inspired me to do something with nature. I thought about making giving blades of grass, leaves, flowers, etc… articulated joints but I didn’t want to do a project too similar.

Wind Leaves, Ned Kahn


“A series of 7, 30’ tall, aluminum and stainless structures that turn in the wind and serve as a symbolic hinge between the Milwaukee Art Museum and the new Discovery World / Pier Wisconsin complex. The surfaces of the sculptures are covered by thousands of small stainless steel disks that ripple in the wind. Ball bearings in the support columns allow the sculptures to rotate and reveal the direction of the wind.”

This is the second project I found that I had to restrain myself from making something too similar too. It is so beautiful I think it would be awesome to have a mini one on campus, maybe near the Nott.

Encircled Stream by Ned Kahn


“The courtyard is centered around a large whirlpool that rhythmically fills and drains every few minutes, suggesting the countless cycles of floods that have sculpted the terrain of eastern Washington.”

This installation has a similar simulation of weather patterns.

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