Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Class Sculpture

On Wednesday we had an in-class assignment to create a sculpture with materials found in the class room. The sculpture had to tie together three randomly generated words. I worked with Conor Donahoe.

Our three words were:
(1) Vaporescence: production or formation of Vapor
(2) Impropriate: to assume (aquire)
(3) Counterpunch: a return punch

Our sculpture is made out of balsa wood, wire, and red cellophane.
Above is a picture of the front of our sculpture. In the center is a hair dryer that is used to turn the propeller above.

Our thought process for this sculpture went as follows: We thought of a counterpunch as a reaction someone has to a previous action (we applied this to objects). Vapor is created from a chemical reaction when liquids are heated. Although we dont actually use vapor, the hot air from the hairdryer has the same symbolic meaning. We wanted the counterpunch to be an effect of the 'vapor', thus having a propellor spin due to the hot air. Impropriate fits into this in a few different ways. (1) the propellor impropriates the air to move and (2) impropriate means to assume, assume power, wind power, our propellor is wind powered (this was a little bit more of a stretch but kind of a cool idea I think!).

Here are some pictures of our sculpture:

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